Successful Startups In Phoenix

Phoenix StartupsAlmost everyone knows that some of the most successful startups originate in the famous Silicon Valley. There are even some international startups that have become very successful. However, several new startups are calling another valley home. Stremor is just one of the companies that have successfully started in Phoenix.

Stremor has followed the philosophy as a “lean startup”. One thing right away that they did look for the right type of talent outside of the Scottsdale, and hire staff members from Phoenix. The operating costs are lower in Phoenix, and this means that startups like Stremor have a longer “burn rate”.

Startups are also attracted to the Phoenix area because it has a lower cost of living when compared to Silicon Valley. A similar house for rent in Silicon Valley may cost $3000 a month, and only cost $850 a month in Phoenix. Food and taxes are also less expensive in Phoenix, so the dollar can go a lot further in this region. By having more financial freedom, startup owners are under less financial stress.

Although it can be harder to find the right talent for several positions in Phoenix, this can prove to be beneficial for startups. There is less competition in the area between companies. When compared to the fierce competition that is in Silicon Valley, it only makes sense that more startups are moving to this area.

Besides Stremor, several other startups call Phoenix headquarters. They have all proved that you do not need to be in Silicon Valley or New York City to start a thriving business.

TopClass Actions

Top Class Action is an online startup that connects consumers, clients, and attorneys. The business is the only one of its kind that has been approved by the federal court so that it can provide online legal notifications. Consumers can visit the company’s website and learn more about all current class action litigation, and determine if they can be included in the lawsuit. Users can also speak with an attorney, start a trial or learn more about an investigation.  Phoenix area inquires can get more detail from Professionals.


An innovative marketplace that allows customers to buy from vendors that they trust. The company’s mission is to help guide customers through a pleasant shopping experience while on the site. The company believes that this will allow customers make better purchasing decisions.


Rideshare companies are revolutionizing the way people are getting from one location to another. RubyRide is comparable to other rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. However, this startup offers riders the opportunity to take advantage of monthly subscriptions, so they access the company’s in-town network.


A startup that has integrated its app (1UP) with Facebook that allows users the ability to “one-up” each other with particular challenges and competitions. Member’s votes determine the winners.


eVisit is a web-based application that allows primary care providers and patients to connect via webcam for remote diagnosis and also the treatment for minor health conditions such as a cold or flu. The company provides telehealth software for physicians and other medical providers.

School Cues

School Cues was created to help improve communication and engagement between parents, schools and children. The program is geared towards smaller schools, and is based on mobile marketing solutions for parents, so they can stay connected to what is going on at their child’s school.

This is only a few of the many successful startups in Phoenix. With lower costs of living expenses and business expenses, along with a better quality of life, Phoenix is quickly becoming the new destination for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.  Connect With Professionals and Other Entrepreneurs Here.

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Know-Hows for Running a Successful Business

OperationsAssessmentStarting a business is great, as it gives you so Preview Changesmany opportunities that you’ve never even imagined. However, the future is not always as you have imagined it, and to be sure you have a successful business, you need to work hard. Not just this, but keeping your business above the average should be mandatory, especially if you want to bring more income into your pockets.

Many entrepreneurs have already been through this, and those who have succeeded are able now to advice you on how to keep your business on its way to success. It’s said that there are five pillars that should be present in running your business, so let’s see what each of them is about.

The Strategy

When you consider the future of your business, think in terms of strategies. This is one of the things that you should become a second nature for you, because a good entrepreneur is one that is proactive and does everything that needs to be done to achieve a goal.

The lack of a strategy will determine you to think only for the next day, and you’ll become reactive in taking decisions. This is why building a strategy from the beginning will help you with everything you want to accomplish.

The Profit

2011-Strat-Plan-Opening-GraphicEveryone starts a business with the same purpose in mind – to make profit, to bring more income, to earn more money. To be successful in your business it’s essential that you understand the essence of accountability and profit – what comes in should be more than what comes out.

A second thing that you need to understand is this – if you want to have a business in the future, you will also have to invest. This leads us to something else – the profit should be enough for two things – future investments and something for yourself (your own profit, salary, paycheck – you name it).

The Team

As you have surely realized by now, the people you work with are your team. That team needs to work as one individual and each of them should be committed to achieving the same purpose. You can’t have as a goal to make more sales and have your team drive the customers away.

This is one of the reasons why you must hire the right personnel – don’t just choose them based on their education – you need to evaluate them before you hire them and make sure they share your passion and your dedication to that exact type of business.

OpRisk_GraphicThe Clients

It doesn’t matter what you are selling – products or services, because your clients are your bosses. Whatever you do, you need to keep the client happy and determine him to come back again for more.

This being said, whenever you deal with your customers, determine them to trust you, as this is the key element to earning their fidelity. It’s also a good way to get further recommendations and increase the number of your clients.

The Marketing

Yes, this is also essential. Any entrepreneur knows how important the marketing techniques are, so make sure you have a good budget for this. If it’s not made in the online environment, you can be the marketing specialist directly at your office. You can do any of the following – advertise your services to your clients, tell them what benefits they could get, offer them discounts when they are least expecting it and so on.

Do you know what marketing really means? Any good marketing technique will create a good reputation for your business – people will seek you out for your services or goods, but you can also do this by yourself. A little creativity in sending the right messages will help you more than spreading flyers at the corner of the street.

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